We, Shangri-La Hotel (Kowloon) Limited, are committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality and security of the personal information we hold by complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) with respect to the management of personal information. We are equally committed to ensuring that all our employees and agents uphold these obligations.  

This Privacy Policy (“the Policy”) explains how we collect, store and handle personal information of our customers via an application called “Dockyard” that runs on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices (“the App”) for use at Dockyard in Kerry Hotel Hong Kong located at 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

By providing your personal information to us through the App, you are consenting to this Policy and the collection, use, access, transfer, storage and processing of your personal information as described in this Policy.


The term “Personal Data” in this Policy refers to personal information which is capable of identifying you as an individual. In the course of using the App, you may be asked to voluntarily provide your personal information to enable us to provide you with various services and products. Although you are not obliged to provide the information as requested, we will not be able to render certain services and products in the event that you fail to do so.

Personal Data may be collected as part of:

(i) registering, logging into and/or modifying your account using the App;

(ii) placing orders for our products and/or services;

(iii) fulfilling your requests for information or services;

(iv) accommodating your personal preferences; and

(v) facilitating communications. We may also request your Personal Data to verify your identity, to protect your interests and implement security measures in compliance with the law.


The types of Personal Data that we may collect from you include:

        Personal information: your name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, country, gender, log in username and password, Facebook user’s data (if chosen), and any other information you provide to us.   

        Transaction information: your order, including products and/or services ordered, date and time the order was placed, amount charged and other related transaction details such as payment method, credit card type, credit card number, expiry date, credit card security code, and billing address.

        Usage and preference information: information about how you interact with our services, such as your preferences expressed, settings chosen, usage data, and your reviews and opinions about our services. In some cases, we collect such information through the use of cookies that create and maintain unique identifiers.


To enhance your experience on the App, we may also collect information through cookies on the App. Cookies are text files placed in the App to store your preferences. Cookies, by themselves, do not tell us your personally-identifiable information unless you choose to provide this information to us by, for example, registering for our services. However, once you choose to furnish the App with your personally-identifiable information, this information may be linked to the data stored in the cookies, such as the device you use to access the App and the history of your use of the App. We use cookies to identify you, understand usage and remember your preferences for the purpose of providing our services to you.


Most mobile platforms (such as iOS and Android) have certain types of device data that prohibit certain apps from being accessible without your consent. These platforms have different permission systems for obtaining your consent. For example, the iOS platform will alert you the first time the App wants permission to access your data and will ask you to consent (or not consent) to that request before using the App. In contrast, the Android platform will notify you of the permission that the App seeks before your first use and your use of the App will constitute your consent.  


We may also collect personal information about you from other sources if you choose to link, create, or log in to your account with social media platforms (e.g. Facebook). Where we obtain personal information from these social media platforms, you are deemed to have consented to us for access and use of your personal information so obtained and we will endeavor to ensure that your personal information will be treated in a manner consistent with this Policy.

This Policy is only applicable to the App. You are reminded that this Policy grants no protection to your personal information that may be exposed on other social media platforms other than the App, and we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other social medial platforms. We assume no responsibility or liability for your use of such other social medial platforms.


The App may ask for Facebook permissions if you choose to create an account with your Facebook account to retrieve certain information, including your Personal Data, from it. The permissions asked are the following:

        Basic information: By default, this includes certain user’s data such as id, name, picture, and their locale. If the user has made more of their data public, more information will be retrieved.

        About Me: This provides access to the “About Me” section of the profile on Facebook.

For more information about the Facebook permissions, please refer to the Facebook permissions documentation, terms of use and/or privacy statement.


We may use and disclose relevant portions of your Personal Data for the purposes of providing our services to you, including but not limited to:

        process your application to create an account on the App and administer and manage your account;

        provide, maintain, and improve our services, including but not limited to, processing and/or confirming your orders, facilitating payments, sending receipts, providing products and services you request (and sending related information), developing new features/items to provide you with a better, more personalized level of service, providing customer support by contacting you regarding your enquiries, requests and complaints, developing safety features, authenticating users, and sending updates about our products and services, and sending administrative messages;

        perform internal operations, including but not limited to, preventing fraud and abuse of our services, troubleshooting software bugs and operational problems, safeguarding the security of information, conducting data analysis, testing and market research to better understand our customers, monitoring and analyzing usage and activity trends, conducting customer satisfaction and quality assurance surveys, and reviewing and changing our products and services;

        facilitate direct marketing, promotions and customer management, including but not limited to analyzing whether our ads, promotions and/or offers are effective, determining whether you may be interested in new products or services, sending you information about services, promotions, news and/or events at Dockyard and/or Kerry Hotel Hong Kong if you have consented to receive the same. Please see section “Direct Marketing” below if you wish to opt-out from the use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes;

        process contest, sweepstake, or other promotion entries and fulfill any related awards conducted by us or on our behalf;

        facilitate matching for whatever purpose with other Personal Data, such as use of promotional codes;

        personalize and improve the services, including but not limited to, remembering your preferences, providing or recommending content, products, social connections, and referrals;

        use it in other ways as required or permitted by law or with your consent; and

        meet legal and regulatory requirements.

We will never use or share your Personal Data in ways unrelated to the purposes aforementioned without your prior consent, unless required to do so by law.


From time to time, we may disclose and transfer your Personal Data (whether within or outside of Hong Kong) to our associated companies, our employees and officers, business partners, service providers, and other persons who we consider appropriate in provision of the services and products provided to or requested by you and for the purposes described under the section "USE OF COLLECTED PERSONAL INFORMATION", such as third party technical service providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, marketing or communications agencies, credit, debit and/or charge card companies and banks, who have been authorised by us to use such information to facilitate the services on the App.

We reserve the right to disclose any Personal Data we have concerning you if we are compelled to do so by a court of law or requested to do so by a governmental entity or if we determine it is necessary or desirable to comply with the law or to protect or defend our rights or property. We also reserve the right to retain information collected and to process such information to comply with accounting and tax rules and regulations.

Except as described herein, we do not permit the sale or transfer of personally identifiable information to any third parties.


The Personal Data will only be kept for a reasonable time that is necessary to fulfil the purpose (including any directly related purpose) for which the information was to be used or as required by applicable law, until you request us in writing to erase your Personal Data from our database or terminate your account.


To maintain the accuracy of your Personal Data, as well as preventing unauthorised access to or destruction of and ensuring the correct use of your Personal Data, we have carried out appropriate physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure the Personal Data we collect. These measures are subject to ongoing review and monitoring. Whilst we make every effort to protect your Personal Data, no security measures can guarantee that your Personal Data will not be subject to interference, misuse or hacking and we shall not be responsible for any loss, misuse or alteration arising as a result of such incidents. 

Your Personal Data is only accessible by our authorized personnel or our authorized third parties, and such personnel and third parties shall be instructed to observe the terms of this Policy when accessing such Personal Data.

It is your responsibility to safeguard your log in username and password by keeping it secret and confidential and never share the details with anyone.

We use third party payment gateway service providers to facilitate electronic transactions on the App. Regarding sensitive information provided by you, such as credit card number, the third party payment gateway service providers directly communicate such information using secure socket layer technology, and therefore not collected or stored by us.   


Except where required by local laws, we do not knowingly collect personal information from children or minors. If you are a child or minor, you may only use our services with the permission of your parent or adult guardian.   


You may always choose what personal information you wish to provide to us. However, if you choose not to provide certain information, some of your experiences with us may be affected.


You should update the Personal Data held by us whenever there is a change. You may correct your account information at any time by logging into your account. If you wish to cancel your account, please email us at Please note that in some cases we may retain certain information about you as required by law or for legitimate business purposes to the extent permitted by law. For instance, if you have a standing credit or debt on your account, or if we believe you have committed fraud or violated any of our terms, we may seek to resolve the issue before deleting your account information.


You have the right to request access to, correction and/or deletion of any Personal Data relating to your profile held by us. If you have any questions about this Policy, or if you would like to submit a request for access to, correction and/or or deletion of Personal Data that we maintain about you, please contact the Data Protection Officer by sending an email to You can also write to us at the following address: The Data Protection Officer, Dockyard, 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request. As indicated above, all requests for access to your personal information must be submitted in writing. When communicating your request, please be sure to include your full name, address and telephone number so we can ascertain your identity, and specify clearly the type of enquiry and the original source of data collection.


We intend to use your Personal Data to send you marketing communications such as direct mail, email, telephone calls and SMS, containing news, offers, promotions, events, to be offered by us in relation to the products and services offered at Dockyard, such as food and beverage and entertainment. You may opt out from receiving any promotional or direct marketing communications from us at any time, free of charge, by following the “opt-out” instructions contained in the communications or by emailing us at  Even if you opt out, we may still send you non-promotional communications, such as information about your account, about service you have requested, or your order.


We may update, revise or modify this Policy from time to time. Any changes to this Policy will be available on the App so that you are always informed of the way we collect and use your Personal Data. Updated versions of the Policy will include the date of the revision at the end of this Policy so that you are able to check when the Policy was last amended. Use of the App following such changes constitutes your acceptance of the updated Policy then in effect.


This Policy is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.  

This Policy is written in the English language and may be translated into other languages. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the translated version of this Policy, the English version shall prevail.  

1 April 2017



本私隱政策(「政策」)解釋了我們如何透過在智能手機、平板電腦和其他移動設備運行的名為“Dockyard” 的應用程式(「本應用程式」)收集、儲存和處理我們客戶的個人資料,以在位於香港九龍紅磡灣紅鸞道38號香港嘉里酒店的Dockyard使用。



本政策中「個人資料」一詞是指可識別您身份的個人資訊。在使用本應用程式的過程中,您可能會被要求自願提供您的個人資料,以讓我們能夠為您提供各種服務和產品。 雖然您並無義務按要求提供資料,但如您未有如此行事,我們將不能夠提供若干服務和產品。


(i) 使用本應用程式註冊、登入及/或修改您的帳戶;

(ii) 就我們的產品及/或服務下訂單;

(iii) 實現您對資料或服務的請求;

(iv) 為您的個人偏好進行安排;及

(v) 促進通訊。我們亦可要求您的個人資料以驗證您的身份、保護您的利益,以及依法實施安全措施。







為了提升您使用本應用程式的體驗,我們亦可能會透過本應用程式的cookies收集資料。 cookies是設置在本應用程式的文檔,用於儲存您的偏好。除非您選擇向我們提供有關資料(例如透過註冊我們的服務),否則cookies本身不會向我們洩露您的個人身份識別資訊。然而,一旦您選擇向本應用程式提供您的個人身份識別資訊,這資訊可能會與儲存在cookies的資料相連結,例如您用於取用本應用程式的設備,以及您使用本應用程式的歷史記錄。 我們為向您提供我們的服務之目的,使用cookies來識別您的身份、了解使用情況,以及記住您的偏好。


大多數移動平台(例如iOS和Android)都有若干類型的設備數據,在未得您同意的情況下禁止取用若干應用程式。 這些平台設有不同的權限系統來獲取您的同意。例如,iOS平台在本應用程式首次希望獲得權限以取用您的數據時會提醒您,並在您使用本應用程式之前要求您表示同意(或不同意)該請求。相反,Android平台將在您首次使用之前通知您本應用程式所尋求的權限,如您使用本應用程式將構成您表示同意。  






        基本資料:預設資料,包括若干用戶資料,如ID、名稱、圖片及其區域設置。 如用戶已將其更多的資料公開,將會檢索到更多資料。

































您有權要求查閱、更正及/或刪除我們持有並且與您個人簡歷相關的任何個人資料。 如您對本政策有任何疑問,或如您希望提交要求以查閱、更正及/或刪除我們保存的關於您的個人資料,請發送電子郵件至wassup@dockyardhk.com以聯絡資料保護主任。您亦可以發信至我們地址:香港九龍紅磡灣紅鸞道38號Dockyard(資料保護主任收)。我們保留權利就任何查閱資料請求徵收合理的處理費用。如上所述,所有查閱您個人資料的請求必須以書面形式提交。傳達您的請求時,請確保附上您的全名、地址和電話號碼,以便我們確定您的身份,並指明查詢的類型以及資料收集的原始來源。




我們可不時更新、修改或修訂本政策。本應用程式將提供本政策的任何更改,以讓您時刻均獲通知我們收集和使用您的個人資料的方式。 政策的更新版本將包括(在本政策結尾處指明的)修改日期,以讓您能夠查閱政策上一次在什麼時間修改。在此等更改後使用本應用程式,即構成您接受當時有效的更新政策。



本政策以英文撰寫,並可能會翻譯成其他語言。 一旦本政策的英文版本與翻譯版本之間有任何不一致之處,應以英文版本為準。